bone portfolio *

many sleepless nights and various amounts of blood, sweat and tears were spent working on this. definitely learned a tough lesson not to do things at the last minute, especially since drawing the bones and research was so tedious. please don't mind the cheesy and badly-written text.


animal studies *

some long pose animal studies from the royal winter fair.

45 min speed paint *

did a quick speed painting while i was waiting for my bf to finish from a workshop. really want to start getting more familiar with digital stuff so the more practise the better. was trying to play around with colours and temperature so don't mind the horrible anatomy lol. ): deff need more practise!

some hand/foot drawings *

ranging from long studies to quick gestures. realized there are some proportion problems that i'll have to work on for next time.


happy birthday gift *

i should have been working on assignments, but instead did a quick photoshop sketch for my boyfriend for his birthday. he loves spiderman so i drew him a picture of us as anime-style spiderman and mary-jane lol. C:

ugly painting dump *

some painting assignments done in school. not too happy with them because i always end up doing the projects the night before. still getting used to gouache, will deff have to improve!

character rotation *

first character rotation assignment done at school. she's suppose to be a filipino nurse. was fun designing her though you can tell i got lazy and totally rushed the front view. =/

introductions *

finally getting around to setting up my blogspot. not sure how successful i'll be at updating but hopefully it'll be a way for me to document my work and see my progress throughout my years at sheridan.

been so busy at school lately but still very blessed to be here. i've taken the mentality to just be a sponge and take in as much as i can to learn and grow. excited to be in a community with so many talented and hardworking individuals. let's see how the rest of this year goes!

didn't have the time to make anything new, just decided to post up an old painting as an intro.



finally getting around to slowly setting myself up a blogspot. stay tuned!