bride & geisha *

long awaited updated! been so busy this summer with my work internship, hopefully i'll be able to get back and start posting on here again.

here's a bride and geisha illustrations based on poses from costume life drawing class in third year.


third year film work *

some miscellaneous designs/concept/production art for upcoming group film project. be on the lookout for it april 2015! =)

initial story sketch presented in jim's class:

some art direction/scene mock-ups:

location/prop designs:

 background character designs:


heroes & villains *

sexy robber girl from my heroes & villains life drawing assignment. the requirements were to take a pose from life drawing class and create a character archetype. had a ton of fun doing the costume design. :) enjoy!


queen *

heatseeker ashe print from fanexpo 2014. one of my absolute favourite champions to play! full resolution image will be posted soon.

i will be setting up a storeenvy account to sell all the remaining prints that i have leftover from the summer conventions. on another note, fanexpo was a blast!


anime north 2014 *

had the amazing chance to do anime north this year with my friend chris liu! it was a long and busy weekend, but an awesome experience and definitely worth the long hours of work haha! shout outs to chris for being an awesome table mate! you can check out his AN prints on his blog as well!

here are samples of league prints that i sold. bear with me for the watermark, full images will probably be released once all the conventions are done. thank you to everyone who came by to say hi, support and buy the prints. i will also be at FanExpo Canada this year selling these prints along with various other stuff. =) hope to see you then!


wild west dump *

location designs and stagecoach prop design for second year layout class.

establishing, pan and 3 shot sequence with given script for second year layout class.